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Monday, July 30, 2018

DJAN: Monday Meditation


2 Samuel 11: 1 - 12:12
Psalm 14
John 6: 1-21

Our religious and political leaders cannot walk on water. Nor can they immediately get us to where we want to go. But they can and should feed the hungry, both physically and spiritually.

Physical needs can be met both by the social outreach of our churches (and other communities of faith) and by public policies developed and enacted by our elected officials. Spiritual needs can be met both by the liberating proclamation of our churches and by the ethical vision of our political leaders. Only those religious and political leaders that meet these needs contribute in a positive way to our shared efforts to build the Beloved Community—a community that, from a Christian perspective, is an earthly approximation of the reign of God announced by the One who walks on water.

Thus, when it comes to meeting the needs of people hungering for aid and justice, religious and political leaders can and should try to work together for the common good. But, when political leaders, like King David, abuse their power and then try to cover it up, and/or when they “devour my people as if eating bread," the Church is called to be like Nathan: we must take a prophetic stance and boldly speak truth to power.

Painting: Walking on the Water by Julius Sergius von Klever.

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