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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

DJAN condemns Trump's NRA speech as "Absolutely Appalling"

On Saturday, DJAN (Disciples Justice Action Network) denounced as “absolutely appalling” the speech given by President Trump to the National Rifle Association (NRA).  In that speech, Trump said, referring to any laws that in any way restrict the kinds of guns that can be bought and sold:  “We have laws that were written by people that truly could not love this country."  Beyond that, he accused critics of his positions on gun violence and immigration of wanting to "disarm law-abiding Americans at the same time they’re releasing dangerous criminal aliens and savage gang members onto our streets."

President Trump had earlier suggested that he might be willing to consider some gun restrictions and even taunted Republican lawmakers as being “scared of the NRA.”  But in his own speech to this organization, he praised NRA enthusiasts as “patriots” and “defenders of the Constitution” who were “under siege,” and said that they deserved more “adulation” for their resistance to any kind of restriction on any kind of gun ownership.  In open defiance to the growing national concern about gun violence, Trump declared, “I’m doing the right thing.  I’m doing it for you, but we’re doing the right thing.  We’re doing the right thing together,” and “we’ll never, never surrender."

Responding to Trump’s speech, DJAN President Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr., said, “In light of the recent shooting at Parkland, in light of the recent anniversary of the shooting at Columbine, and in light of the fact that 106 people die daily due to gun violence, it is absolutely appalling that a President of the United States would so quickly, so brazenly, and so zealously genuflect at the altar of the gun lobby.”

In contrast to both President Trump and the NRA, DJAN supports some basic gun restrictions as essential to ending gun violence.  These include ending the sales of military-grade weapons, including the AR-15 automatic rifle; banning high-capacity ammunition magazines; requiring background checks on anyone seeking to purchase a gun; and closing gun shows and online gun sales practices that do not include customer background checks.

As explained by Sullivan, “In opposition to the NRA, DJAN strongly and urgently supports common-sense, morals-driven laws that have the potential to disrupt and dismantle the means by which people may commit more mass shootings in the future.”  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


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Monday, January 15, 2018


The DISCIPLES JUSTICE ACTION NETWORK joins many others within our denomination, across our nation, and around the globe to honor the birthday, life, mission, vision, and continuing challenge of one of America's strongest advocates for justice and peace: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

PRAYER: O God of our salvation, give us the grace and strength to keep Dr. King's dream alive, and to make his vision of the Beloved Community a central part of our lives as Christians, as Americans, and as members of the world community. We make this prayer in the name of the One who gave the vision to Dr. King and to us, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

CLICK HERE to watch Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" Speech.

CLICK HERE to read Dr. King's Letter from the Birmingham Jail.

CLICK HERE to read Dr. King's speech to striking sanitation workers in Memphis.

CLICK HERE to read Dr. King's speech on Vietnam.

Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year Blessings!

The Decisions Team and volunteer staff of the Disciples Justice Action Network (DJAN) wish you, your family, your friends, and all your loved ones a happy and blessed new year!

ALSO:  This Week Only:  You can still send in those end-of-the-year 2017 checks.

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Please keep DJAN in your prayers throughout the new year.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Reflections by DJAN's Director


(see pictures below)

2017 has been a busy and especially challenging year for many faith-based progressive groups, including DJAN.  The year began with the first African American President of the United States still in office.  Shortly afterwards, however, we as a nation inaugurated as the new President of the United States a dangerous and divisive demagogue who won the election by running an election campaign that openly appealed to racism, sexism, xenophobia, and religious bigotry.  Once in office this hero of the alt-right began to attack, undermine, and reverse every policy that promoted and/or protected the things we so deeply value:  civil rights, voting rights, the environment, public education, gender justice, reproductive choice, criminal justice reform, worker justice, programs that aid economically struggling families, the just and humane treatment of immigrants and refugees, quality and affordable health care for all, etc., etc., etc.

Worse than the incredibly harmful policies and reversal of helpful policies that came out of the White House and the Congress on nearly a daily basis was the destructive spirit unleashed within the body politic—one that gave permission for the worst biases and ugliest prejudices of many people to manifest themselves in the public square.  Thus, violence against others, vandalism of places of worship, hate speech, and a vigorously renewed  Neo-Confederate racism all increased in presence and intensity throughout the nation.

In response to this situation, people of faith and persons of conscience took action:  through marches, vigils, rallies, and even civil disobedience, they expressed their principled resistance to Trumpism.  And because of your active participation and financial support, DJAN was part of this resistance:

Thursday, December 28, 2017